Power Brows

Other | Monday 16th December 2013 | Sukaina

The 7 items that should be in your power toolkit, for those demanding days when you need a little boost of confidence…

Item 1:

Heels… Check.

Trench coat… Check.


Forget hard work, strong brows are the key to success. With a little luck from good genes and some help from a good brow pencil, you will be on that Cara Delavigne hype in no time.

Tip! To get a subtler look and more precision, try using a brush with ‘Matte Eyeshadow’ by Nars in ‘Coconut Grove’.


Item 2:

When D.M called the soles of their shoes ‘air walk’ they weren’t joking. These shoes really are soul bouncing and the extra height is bound to boost your confidence.

Item 3:

Two words: Hair Gel. 

This one speaks for itself, although the picture helps.

Item 4:

Trainer Heels:

Could there be anything more powerful than heels disguised as trainers? With a secret spring in your step you’ll breeze into that office… 

These trainer heels are from River Island.

Item 5:

Metal jewellery and A LOT of it!

Head over to Camden market for some unique jewellery that is actually worth its weight. Or, if you’re feeling lazy, check out the jewellery section on from the comfort of your sofa. 

Item 6:

Trench Coats:

Think Tom Odell. Or, if you’re not a fan of indie music, Edward Cullen from Twilight is just as appropriate.


They make your shoulders look better, your waist smaller and they trail behind you as you walk. Could there be anything more intrinsically powerful than that? 

Item 7:

Disco Pants:

People would have to be blind not to notice you in these. The American Apparel version are my favourites and they come in a range of colours!

Power doesn’t have to be monochrome. 


Sukaina Kadhum