Window Vines

Other | Wednesday 13th November 2013 | damian

It was announced last night. Finally, what a lot of dedicated Windows Phone users have been waiting for. The official Vine app is now available on the Windows Phone platform. This is a giant step in the user experience of the Windows Phone as since its conception, the general consensus has been that it lagged behind its Android, iPhone and Blackberry counterparts in app availability. Windows Phone users dreaded the fact that popular image sharing apps Snap-chat and Instagram did not support the Windows Phone platform and had to resort to third-party apps which had limited features. Now Vine takes a huge leap into the Windows Phone market which will in no doubt increase its popularity. The app will have camera integration, Live Tile feature and sharing with Twitter will be possible. However, it doesn't come with the new editing feature but one would assume that is to come with the updates expected later this year. Now Windows Phone users can join in the video-mania of Vine!

Damian Nwatarali