HMV flagship store to reopen tomorrow

Other | Friday 27th September 2013 | Conor

HMV will reopen their flagship store on Oxford Street tomorrow after a 13 year absence from the location.

The shop on 363 Oxford Street, which first opened 92 years ago in 1921, will open its doors at 8.30am tomorrow (September  28th).

The iconic shop is where The Beatles cut their original demo disk, which eventually led to them being offered a recording contract with EMI in 1961.

Paul McGowan, HMV chairman said: “We wanted to stay in Oxford Street. We wanted a smaller but decent size spaced and the great thing about 363 is that it's the original home of the brand.

"We are reconnecting with the music industry and bringing the brand full circle.

"It's really important that people will recognise HMV as still current and relevant. We have good contact with the music industry and we're going to find ways to allow our customers to interact with artists."

Mcgowan also said that he hopes to double or treble the number of in-store performances and signings by artists in the hope of bringing consumers closer to the music industry.

HMV announced £176 million of debt and went into administration in January earlier this year with 66 of their 220 shops facing closure.

By Conor Giles