A Magical Video of The Flaming Lips and The Magnetic Zeros in a Hollywood Cemetary

Reggae | Tuesday 17th September 2013 | Poppy

So you've got a hangover. You've got two headaches- one like a fried egg on the top of your skull, one hanging about a yard off your left eye. You're too nauseous to watch your favourite film, you're too cold to leave bed, you're not ready for breakfast yet. You're also miserable, because sometimes overdoing it just does that. This morning just feels like a massive anticlimax after last night, everything is too quiet to be interesting but too loud not to cuase you pain.

We care. We really do, we've been there. Just watch  and allow Wayne Coyne and his pals to seranade you with how everything is going to be okay. (also everyone you know someday will die)