Mick Jones Made a Spotify Playlist

Reggae | Friday 6th September 2013 | Poppy


There's ska, there's psychedelic stuff, there's some serious funk, Hendrix, Gershwin, a Libertines track and a John Cooper Clark poem. This is a playlist about how much less cool you are than you could be, and when you come out the other side and leave your room, housemates will look at you and say you're glowing- and you'll know why- and then you'll select a particularly winning outfit for the day, go out, attractive people will check you out, the sun will shine, your sweat will start to smell wonderful, and then somebody beautiful and interesting will sit next to you on the tube, and then they'll take you by the hand at the end of your journey, and lead you to a magnificent party conveniently close to your place of work, with music just like this, only more of it, and louder, and then you'll suddenly gain the abillity to dance impressively well, and the next morning you'll turn up the next morning to work early, well-fucked, and without even a slight hangover.