The True Size of Africa

Other | Monday 4th February 2019 | JahMike

Take a look at the standard world map, pictured below. You've seen it before, right? As you can see, Russia is huge, Greenland is bigger than Africa, China is almost half the size, and Mexico is tiny.


This standard map that we are so used to seeing all over the news and in our classrooms, books and educational materials, is called the Mercator Projection map, and was invented in 1569 by a German called Gerhard Kremer; Kremer translates to merchant, which is Mercator in Latin.



In fact, China is almost four times larger than Greenland, measuring in at 3.7 million square miles. Mexico is actually 0.7 million square miles and Greenland is 0.8 million square miles.


Russia is actually 8.7 million square miles where as, Africa, is 11.6 million square miles large.


In 1974, UNESCO hired another German by the name of Dr. Arno Peters to redraw the world map with a more accurate scale. He did so, and this is known as the Peters Projection map, which is pictured below.



This map was released to the public in 1974, yet we do not see it in any classrooms, on any news channel, in any books or in any form of media outlet. If we do see it, we think "hold on - that's not right!"...


Our view of the world shapes our worldview, and if our view of the world is innacurate, surely our worldview is going to be equally as obscured...



As you can see in the final picture, above, 7 out of 8 of all the countries in the world can actually fit inside Africa, with the 51 states of America alone fitting neatly inside the Sahara desert.


That means that there's enough land in Africa for every single person in the world to own a home with at least half an acre of land around it. Makes you think, doesn't it?


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