Why you should move into an ivory tower (in order to solve your housing problem)

Other | Friday 25th January 2019 | Saskia

Admittedly, neither does this header sound very tempting nor affordable, but it is in a non-literal sense. Actually, there is already a very specific group of people who made themselves very comfortable in this building. They are called Philosophers.

If you ask yourself now, why you should move in with these weirdos, consider the following points:

What Philosophers learn more meticulously than any other researcher is to think logically and strategically. They are taught to understand and explain complex topics every day and discuss them critically. Philosophers are educated in thinking in a very analytical manner and will see fallacies, emerging problems and contradictions in an instant! Even more, they will come up with innovative and efficient solutions. Sounds like the perfect business partner? As a matter of fact, the number of Philosophers in comercial companies is on the increase.


However, Philosophers come with a further advantage. While other sciences have their specific methods with which they will stick to and eventually get stuck, Philosophers are trained to think outside of the box. Thus, they are able to see when a method is not suited (anymore) and will develop a new one.


All in one, you get inovativity, analyticity and flexibility of thought with a Philosopher. These properties are all very well suited in order to solve the big issues of society, for instance the exploding renting market in London. There is much to do in this sector. So, why not set Philosophy at work?

Give it a try and conquer your ivory tower, we have lived inside one box(-room) for long enough!