(3) Fake news and the truth, nothing but the truth

Other | Friday 18th January 2019 | Saskia

A phrase which has really made it into the media over the last few years is the expression “fake news”. For some reason we want people and especially politicians to tell us about the facts.

We want the truth and nothing somebody has just made up.

For all that, knowledge can not only be justified belief. Think about the case in which the train conductor told you about the time your train will arrive. You trust him and since you trust him, you would probably say that you know when the train comes in. Anyhow, the train conductor unfortunately has a very bad memory and told you the wrong time. Would you still say that you knew at which time your train would arrive? Most probably not.


Apparently, Socrates felt the same and thus defines knowledge as true justified belief. It could be so easy to draw a line here and just use this definition for knowledge. But Socrates also told us that his definition does not work. (Plato, Theaitetos, 210 a)


Nevertheless, his definition of knowledge was considered to be correct until a guy named Edmund Gettier really smashed it.


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