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Drum and Bass | Friday 19th October 2018 | Arren

Get to know what to expect from Problem Central in session with their top picks.

You may have caught them at SW4 earlier this year, and then you’d know what to expect… Carnage. For those of you that missed that, or any of their other appearances so far. We’re sorry, you’re missing out.

But who are Problem Central and how do they immediately get top slots at SW4, Breakin Science and Low Down Deep? It’s a new drum & bass supergroup, following the path of SASASAS and Kings of the Rollers; Logan D, Majistrate, Eksman & Evil B have banded together to create Problem Central. They've all been killing it in their own right, making this newly formed group built on the foundations of legend.

They’ve quietly started this monster earlier this year and we can tell you first hand, they go off. A massive fuck you to the “less is more” sentiment as here more is bigger and better. Heading towards the new year they’ve sorted slots at parties uncluding In:Motion, Innovation in the Dam & the Playaz Halloween bash in London.

Ahead of their upcoming parties and to give you a taste of what to expect from their sets the guys behind Problem Central have dropped us a mad playlist of tunes from up front jump up to peak time bangers. So strap down your speakers for these 5 quality tunes.

Majistrate - Being Afraid

“This track has been sending the crowds into a frenzy on our Problem Central shows, its on the harder edge of jump up and will stay within the showcase for some time.”

Subsonic - Do Ur Thang

”New guy Subsonic has killed it with this track, very riffy and original, it’s also the track that Eksman performs his stage 2 freestyle over so it will remain part of our showcase for the near future.”

Sigma - Nobody To Love

”Commercial sing along tune from Sigma, we often use this as our outro.”

Shimon - Hush Hush

”Classic from the 90’s, Eksman takes us back in time with this track in his educational section of our showcase”

Chase & Status - No Problem

”This track is part of our intro, a slight teaser that everyone knows, also, it relates to our name Problem Central. This track has been part of our showcase from the very beginning.”

Problem Central join the Playaz at their Halloween bash on October 27th at O2 Brixton - Tickets

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