Hand picked bangers from the crates of Thomas Schumacher

House | Saturday 29th September 2018 | Arren

Berlin powerhouse, Thomas Schumacher supplies the goods.

We’ve got out hands on a serious playlist this time round from Thomas Schumacher. He’s one of the best DJs and producers based in the capital of techno, Berlin. Kicking off his career in the early 90s, Schumacher has become one of the longest enduring artists in the game.

If you’ve been anywhere near a techno party you would’ve heard his tunes, that feature across a range of top tier labels including Noir, ARTS & Electric Ballroom. He recently featured on Drumcode’s infamous A-Sides compilation with ‘The Unseen’ and is about to drop his latest release; Apollo II with his partner in crime, Victor Ruiz.

Touching down in London for Familia’s 6th Birthday celebration on November 10th at Egg LDN, he’ll perform one of his masterclass techno sets. His in depth knowledge of techno shines through his sets making them ones not to be missed! Ahead of his appearance Schumacher has sorted us a massive playlist of the hottest techno tunes out now. These ones aren’t to be missed!

Victor Ruiz & Thomas Schumacher - Apollo II

“I love this release so much, 4 fresh bangers that showcase Victor and my vision of dark, driving and emotional Techno.”

Dino Maggiorana - Elements

“Everyone’s into the new wave of Acid productions and this is the reason why.”

Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Thomas Schumacher & Victor Ruiz)

“Since we produced this tribute remix not a day goes bye without someone asking when/if it will be released. Some fans have even set up this FB page:”

Ben Sims & Truncate - Effort 8

“Two of my favourite producers teamed up and delivered a sublime record. This is dirty, jackin’ Techno at it’s best.”

Drunken Kong - How Far Do We Go

“The duo from Tokyo with yet another stubbing RP featuring their trademark synth work and dark vocals.”

Thomas Schumacher makes up part of Familia’s 6th Birthday line up on November 10th - Tickets

Familia - 6th Birthday
@Egg LDN
Line up: Monika Kruse, Thomas Schumacher, Sinisa Tamamovic, Fabio Ferro, Miky J b2b Knowhat, Lola

Thomas Schumacher
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