With Comedians like this, who needs enemies?

Wednesday 29th August 2018 | Grace

In November of last year, just two months after the #MeToo campaigned revealed the crazy number of women that had been sexually assaulted, comedian Louis C.K graciously admitted that the sexual allegations against him were also true.

However, this Sunday night, not even a year after confessing to numerous counts of inviting women to his hotel room, stripping naked and masturbating in front of them, he has already appeared back on stage performing comedy. And the worst part about it is that he allegedly received a standing ovation!

Who does this?!?

Not only does this undermined every single person who has ever been the victim of unwanted sexual attention in any form (which I’m pretty sure is sadly every single woman), but it once again gives the world the idea that if a person is rich, white and a man, they can pretty much get away with anything they want. Which Louis C.K has done.

For me, this really reiterates that far too often in this world do we only listen to the opinion of a woman when it is validated by a man, and this seriously needs to stop. A woman works her arse off to be recognised as an artist, and it is only when a man points out that she is good that we stop and take notice.  A man literally admitted to sexual abuse allegations of wanking in front of women in a power situation, so how do we punish him? By giving him a round of applause and offering him a sock.

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If we don’t put a stop to this now, how can we expect future generations to respect each other and live in an equal world?