"I loved playing Glastonbury last year!" Folly Rae tells us all about her new EP and the highlights of her career so far.

Monday 13th August 2018 | Grace

Having had plays on Radio, as well as headlining Glastonbury’s famous introducing stage, Folly Rae is music at its best. As well being compared to greats like Sia for her confident and clever song writing skills, with her unique voice and upbeat sound on her new track Sniper, Folly is creating music that you just won’t be able to get out of your head for all the right reasons.

Tell us about yourself?

Hi, I'm Folly!

Tell us something about you that is weird? 

Weird?… Ummmm, I have a crystal in my bra right now? But that’s normal for me :) 

Tell us about your latest EP, Karma Club? 

4 sad songs you can dance to! Well 3 actually, the fourth is just a sad love song you can sing along to! :) 

What is it that made you want to write about topics such as female empowerment on the record? -

As a woman, well for me at least, it's something that is always on my mind, what can I do to empower people? And empower myself. So, it was only natural for elements of it to sneak into the music! 

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How did you get the inspiration for your most recent single, Sniper? 

My partner inspired this song and he knows it!  I turned up to the studio one day all flustered because I had suspicions my boyfriend was cheating on me. So, instead of talking to him first, I needed to write a song to get all my emotion out and to make myself feel better, then Sniper was born!

The video for Sniper has been compared to a Wes Anderson movie, and with its bright colours and Indie style storyline, this seems like a pretty fair comparison. Is this what influenced the video and if so, what else made you want to make it in that style?

I've been inspired by Wes Anderson and Tarantino films ever since I can remember. So, I definitely think some of the quirkiness rubbed off on me. Oh, and I use to loved wild west films when I was a kid. This video was a chance for us to let our imagination go wild, and we did!

Tell us about when you first heard yourself being played on British radio and how did it feel?

 I remember dancing around the kitchen I couldn't stop smiling! It’s still mad to me!!

What was it like working with the producer Nana Rogues (who has also worked with Drake and Tinie Tempah)? 

Nana is the sweetest guy, so talented and really passionate, so fun to work with! 

Your voice is clearly powerful, but in the past, people have described your voice as ‘unusual’, how have you used that as a positive in what you do? 

I've learned to love my voice! it used to be something I was very conscious of when I was younger, but now I'm learning how to use it in different ways!

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Is there anything you have a reputation for?

Being late and day dreaming.

What is your proudest moment?

 I loved playing Glastonbury last year!

What is the most magical thing that has ever happened to you? 

Every day is magical :) 

What can we expect off you in the future? 

Lots more music coming out! 

Where can we keep up-to-date with what you are up to? -

Instagram and Twitter - both - @follyrae :)