We talk with sound killa, Benny L

Drum and Bass | Saturday 11th August 2018 | Arren

Benny L is one of the biggest newcomers in the drum & bass scene, if you ain’t heard of him where have you been hiding!?

As far as rapid ascents go, watching Benny’s rise through the ranks has been a mad rollercoaster trip that’s been a sick. But the rides not over just yet. This year is probably his biggest yet, he’s made a firm dent in the festival and club scene. His sound has had underground bass heads going mental from all corners of the scene.

Alone he’s killing the production side of things, with an endless stream of bass flowing out from his studio. Labels are queing up to get a piece, with Metalheadz, Ram, Critical already repping his sound. Meanwhile he’s known for his tag team with Shimon. The head of Audio Porn and Benny L have been slaying both the decks and the production room, much to the pleasure of the dnb community.

He’s in the thick of a busy summer, though luckily we managed to catch him for a quick chat.

Hey man, how are you?
Ez I‘m all good thanks

What was your first thought this morning?
That bloody cat wants feeding again!!

What’s got you motivated right now?
Going out thinking and hearing new sounds and ideas, but the weather has been pretty unmotivating cause you just wanna be outside most of the time! Studio sessions always slower in the summer I find.

How’s your summer been so far, been making the most of the sun?
Been amazing, loads of festivals and days events! Loving getting some sun in different countries as well.

How’s your schedule looking right now? Any big dates you’re looking forward to?
Pretty busy at the moment, tryna fit tunes and gigs in at the same time can be tiring but it’s what we love and so grateful it’s happening... Just had Let It Roll & Eastern Electrics, got Sun n Bass coming up as well so that will be great to check out! Also Sunbeatz out in Ibiza!!

How was Eastern Electrics last weekend, anyone else there you wouldn’t mind checking out?
Definitely gonna try see the Kurupt FM lads! Aint seen them play before, always loved their shows and videos I think they’re brilliant. Got so many details down well in their comedies - it’s the funniest comedy at the moment for me I’d say!!

We heard there was some madness at Hospitality on the Beach, what happened?
Just got really unlucky with the storm coming before the set and washing the stage away! But, hey one of them things really and we keep it moving.

Aside from that madness, how was the event?
Was amazing out there! They really did well and the venues was perfect, saw Dillinja play was wicked and also Randall. Saw a bunch of sets out there.

You’ve played b2b with Shimon a lot, and collabed with him in the studio. Together as team you worked very well, what the magic here?
We have such a laugh together and there’s always a great vibe and feeling around, we’re very comfortable working together and he’s been amazing to me, taking me on board and having faith in me at the start. It’s also amazing to see someone that will give the younger guys a chance and push in the scene with their best interest at heart!

You’ve had a mad couple of years: picked up by Metalheadz, playing at the biggest parties around and all the tracks you release getting heavily supported. What’s for you has been the biggest experience in that time?
It’s been great, having support from the guys you look up to and inspired you from the start is the biggest honour and buzz!! So grateful it’s taken me places I thought I’d not get to see so soon! Going to EDC Las Vegas and Australia was massive and loved every minute of it!

You’ve achieved a lot in a short period of time, you gonna be one the next dnb greats? Is there anything still on your list of things to do?
Each day as it comes aye!! Yeah there always things you wanna do and achieve, but an album is the next thing to get under away for me i’d say.

What was the weirdest gig you played? What happened/made it weird?
I do like the weird n funny gigs must admit, was really gutted the rain started to go on the decks in croatia cos that would have been and amazing a surreal set to play in the thunder and lightning storm, especially with the dark vibey rollers I like to play. Was gonna start with thunder slap as well, but the power cut off unfortunately.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would that be?
The Emirates stadium and a jungle, Brazil or somewhere like that.

What are you most in love with right now?
The Sun.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learnt in life?
Do your own thing your own way and don’t let the wrong people tell you otherwise. Always believe in yourself and be happy in you.

Benny L
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