Reminiscing: Standon Calling 2018

Other | Thursday 2nd August 2018 | Roberta Micallef

The vibrant fields of Hertfordshire were replaced by a futuristic utopia for this year’s Standon Calling Festival. The calm atmosphere of the first two days culminated in crowds of people on Sunday night. A true testament to the reputation of Standon Calling and the brilliant artists performing over the weekend.

The most interesting and appealing thing about Standon Calling is the sheer amount of diverse music and events that are available.

For those who like folk rock there was the infamous George Ezra who simply radiated romance through the massive crowd, for those who like experimental psychedelic rock there was the mesmerising Acid Mothers Temple and for those with children there was the enchanting Horrible Histories Live on the Main Stage. 

Whoever you are and whatever you like, there will definitely be something for you at Standon Calling.

The same applies for food. Simply looking at the selection would get you exited to try all of it. From vegan curries to wood fired pizza, there's food for any craving. The grey skies and rainy hours didn't stop people from lining up for a warm waffle or a pie covered in gravy. 

The best part of the entire festival however, was the People's Front Room collective tent. The cosy carpeted atmosphere and improvised sets were the reason people kept coming back. Regular captivated faces would appear seated comfortably in plush velvet seats or cross legged on the floor. The collective is made up of 60+ musicians, each one different from the next, but all energetic and charismatic. 

And finally, the festival is super dog friendly. Prepare yourself to stumble across many cute pups at next year's Standon Calling. They even organise a dog show! This festival is something special. Make sure to book your early-bird tickets from tomorrow Friday 3rd August!

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Photo courtesy: Zeitgeist