EDC 2013 : A Stunning Debut

House | Tuesday 23rd July 2013 | Keshav

EDC Leaves a Stunning Mark On London 

There are many things you can do for 11 hours. One could travel to anywhere in America; You could also maybe walk from London to Manchester or even watch a season and a half of ‘Game of Thrones’. However if your events promotion company Insomniac then you decide to throw the biggest electronic music party London has ever seen. Lights, Check. Big sets, Check. A group of enthusiastic fans, Check. Combine all those elements and place them in the stunning Olympic Park and you have EDC London.

After years of watching in awe as world famous DJs strutted their stuff around the world, UK fans were finally given the opportunity to experience electronic music like never before. EDC had arrived and with it came a stellar line up. The one day festival began at 12 as eager fans waited with tickets.

The festival was absolutely teeming with the best in electronic music. From ‘Hardwell’ to ‘Rusko’ all bases were covered. The atmosphere was one of excitement and pride. A festival with such a big reputation had finally touched down in the UK.  The rise and rise of electronic music in the UK was probably a big factor in the promoters spotting a gap in the market.  There was no shortage of home talent as well with artists such as Flux Pavillion and Sub Focus’ sending dubstep fans wild with excitement. Dance supremos Nero also played at the festival and received a rapturous reception. The UK is finally establishing itself as a clubbing hotspot in Europe.

Wonder kid Madeon headed up the second stage and flew the flag for electro house with artists such as Alesso. Mistajam, Chuckie and Shy FX also made up the bill on what was truly a festival of celebration.

1/3 of Swedish House mafia Steve Angello took the main stage and fired up the crowd with solo hits such as ‘Knas’ as well as huge Swedish House Mafia songs such ‘Don’t You Worry Child’ and 'Greyhound’ the crowds excitement was boiling over as they knew the festival was reaching its peak.

The crowd at EDC had only just heard that Avicii had scored the fastest selling single of the year so far. ‘Wake Me Up’ had annihilated the previous record set by ‘Blurred Lines’ From ‘Levels’ to ‘Seek Bromance’ The 23 year old took the stage with confidence and proved why he’s leading the dance music revolution.  His showmanship is also incredible , for such a young man. His confidence is sky high and why shouldn’t it be. When a huge spider appeared on stage the crowd were given web like strings upon which the spider walked. It was a truly unbelievable sight.  

Revellers had waited and waited. The biggest act of the night was finally here. Electro giant Tiesto had arrived. ‘Hello London, Make Some Noise!’ appeared on the background as the Dutch DJ appeared on stage. The crowd were at fever pitch and early songs combined with some great stage effects such as fireworks allowed revellers to get a feel for what they were in for. Like a puppet master controlling his creation Tiesto’s every action was met with an enthusiastic response. As Tiesto ploughed through his set he was pleasing the newer fans as well as those who have followed him throughout his long and successful carreer. Songs from ‘Club Life Volume 3’ such ‘I don’t care’ and ‘Clarity’ prompted major sing-alongs. The ground was shaking and I’m sure the whole of London could feel the pure energy and pumping base echoing around the Olympic park. If the crowd weren’t excited enough already ‘Maximal Crazy’ sent them over the edge ‘Like this Like that’ sang the crowd. This was followed by the most extraordinary drops and a firework display like no other.  After pumping the crowd up so much Tiesto called ‘Hey London Lets take this up to 140bpm’ suddenly waves of trance were being blasted from the mammoth sound system. Small mosh-pits started to appear as excited party enthusiasts just couldn’t control themselves.  Recognising the amount of new fans who were probably at his set Tiesto ended with a trio of ‘ Project X Soundtrack , Can’t Hold Us and a fantastic Remix of ‘ We’ll be coming back for you’. He signed with ‘ EDC London goodbye and goodnight see you soon’ on a fantastic drop of fireworks going off in the background.

What a night what a day. If this is the first and only time EDC comes to London then it surely will be remembered as something truly something. However after the resounding success it has to return. As people file out of the park and make their way towards the tube stations chants of the main hooks from ‘Calling’ and ‘Years’ by Alesso ring through my ears. Stratford station is absolutely buzzing as people discuss EDC’s stunning debut year. One comment that really stood out to me was someone describing it as   ‘Wayne Rooney singing for Man- City on the last day of the transfer window then scoring an overhead bicycle kick to round off a hat-trick’ now whether you know football or not it’s safe to say that to compare EDC to that surreal but very unlikely event is daft.  However surreal is the perfect way to describe such a festival.  As the celebrates the arrival of the royal baby we celebrate EDC 2013 Which has generated more excitement?  I’ll be diplomatic and leave that to you.

For an added laugh here is a video of me singing along to Tiesto



Keshav Kapoor