Ready for a Road Trip?

Other | Wednesday 23rd May 2018 | Yasmine

A feeling of freedom overflowing you, an irreproachable desire for discovery and adventure, this is what road trips are all about.

Now is the time for you to throw yourself in deep waters, backpack around the world with a passport in pocket, alongside friends or do it alone. But wherever you go, whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can always use valuable tips to help you organise the ideal road trip, and then you'll have no excuses for not going to conquer the world!

Choose where and when to go according to your budget today. Here are some more tips to get you started: 

1) Be organised

 Although the road trip is synonymous with adventures, this journey to the unknown must be a little supervised. First, use Google maps, it will give you an idea of the time it will take to hit the road. Adjust it and try different options, add or delete places according to the time and your desires.

Trace a main route that you can slightly modify according to your wants and needs and what you would like to discover on the way.

2) Choose the right car

The type of car will depend on your destination, type of trip and people you are with.

3) Good music

What does road trip mean to you? Must be the music, think about preparing playlists before leaving but this trip will also be an opportunity for you to discover local music.

4) Find apps that make your life easier

'Roadtrippper', it’s one of the best road trip planner apps a map built for travellers where you’ll find millions of locations, including local diners and roadside attractions)

*Waze (One of the best navigation and live traffic apps)

*Spotify (having access to millions of cool songs is well worth it when you’re on the road)

*Hotel tonight (know the nearest place to rest)

5) Get out of the beaten track while remaining careful

Take the highway is faster for home runs, pass as many points of interest as you can. If possible and if you have time take the less travelled routes. You will see more things, meet locals and venture into places never seen before.

6) Eat and sleep locally

Make the most of local food, after all, even if you do not always know what you are eating, you may not be able to taste these specialities again!

7) Camp, Camp

Depending on your budget and your vehicle, camping can be a more interesting option than hotels and it is especially simpler and cheaper as well as a good way to meet people with a car or van, you can stay in some campsites too.

8) Disconnect yourself

Maybe you prefer the old, tried and tested paper map, they are very useful when everything else breaks down and then there is that little nostalgic side to it as well.

Bon Voyage!