More of the same? Meet Sajid Javid our new Home Secretary

Friday 4th May 2018 | Jake

A scandal that has seen Amber Rudd apologise profusely five times in seven days, before eventually resigning, has resulted in Sajid Javid, the former housing, communities and local government secretary, replacing her as Home Secretary.

As a result of the promotion, Javid becomes the first BAME MP to hold a great office of state, seeing as the role of Home Secretary is seen as a key role in government, and its pressure is clear when considering the large number of holders who have had to resign. Javid has spoken of his shock at the Windrush scandal, commenting that it could have been his parents who were ordered to leave the country.

Despite the fanfare over Javid’s appointment the public and particularly the Windrush generation, shouldn’t expect the drastic overhaul in policy required to clean up the scandalous mess of the ‘Hostile Environment’. As an MP Javid has voted for all legislation that can be read as Hostile Environment policy, including support of the detention of pregnant women in immigration removal centres.

Javid is also a fan of the 2014 Immigration Act responsible for many of the woes the Windrush generation are suffering today. He says he wants to create a “Compliant environment” but it is unclear what exactly that means if it means anything. It’s doubtful it means anything approaching a dramatic shift in immigration policy, and it appears unlikely Javid will reinstate the clause that protects residents originating from the Commonwealth who have lived in the UK for a long period from the Hostile Environment policy.

Furthermore, May hopes Javid will balance the hard-Brexit leaning cabinet, he is viewed as a moderate, having voted remain despite being a Eurosceptic. Ultimately May trusts Javid to continue the ambitious and ruthless removal scheme she implemented.