North and South Korea dismantle propaganda loudspeakers

Other | Tuesday 1st May 2018 | David

Following on from the successful 2018 inter-Korean summit, both North and South Korea have now started dismantling their loudspeaker machines along the borders.

The loudspeakers were originally erected along the borders by both the North and the South to blast propagandist audio into each country, with NBC News describing this particular tactic as a form of “psychological warfare”. Whilst the speakers were in use, the BBC reported that they played around six hours of propaganda per day, so citizens of both countries are probably now relieved to know that they won’t have to listen to them anymore.

Whilst it remains to be seen if the newfound peace between North and South Korea will be permanent, dismantling the speakers is certainly a step in the right direction. The most pressing issue now is how Kim Jong-un's meeting with Trump will go in a few weeks time.