The gender pay gap revisited

Other | Wednesday 4th April 2018 | Angel

Today is the deadline for the UK’s major businesses to submit their average gender pay gap amongst employees. Now, instead of throwing ourselves in front of horses, us girls are dishing out the dirt with fact.

The gender pay gap has been a thing ever since women were allowed to work. Female oppression has ricocheted into the modern age with women being paid considerably less than their male counterparts for the same job. It has been uncovered that 78 percent of UK companies pay men more than women in the same position.

Ryanair are the worst culprits, with the average female employee being paid 71.8 percent less than the average man and with more than 1,000 companies having neglected this report until the very last minute, we are expecting more shocking results.

Companies could face tough fines if they do not tackle pay differentiation, in hope that gradual reform will inevitably end what the Prime Minister describes as a ‘burning injustice’. It is ironic that on the year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women gaining the vote, we have to impose monetary threats so companies will stop exploiting us.

It seems so simple. But why has it taken Theresa May almost two years in office to finally get on top of this issue? We get it, Brexit is sticky, but for something that is such a fundamental social inequality, it is astounding how the Prime Minister hasn’t waved her magic wand and attempted to solve this issue already.

So now, we wait.