J Majik returns with Infrared Records!

Drum and Bass | Friday 9th March 2018 | Mary-Anne

J Majik has been a Drum and Bass DJ/producer since the early 90s.

The DJ began his successful career at a young age. A teenage boy growing up in Northwood, London surrounded by an influential sound that became a big part of his everyday life.

His early days of music production began in 1992 under the name of DJ Dextrous. But due to a Drum and Bass producer also having the same name he switched his producer/stage name to Moniker then going forward with his unforgettable artist name 'JMajik '


Previous releases were on Planet earth and Suburban Base Recordings before his first release on the notorious Metalheadz with the legendary release 'Your Sound' back in 1995!

J Majik has collabed with several well-known producers, from Goldie, Adam F, Hype & Wickaman. J Majik also has his own record label known as Infrared Records. Many producers have had releases on this record label many years ago. The PrototypesWickamanSudden DefHoodlum & Mavrik. Too many to mention. Sadly Infrared Records stopped releasing music back in 2012.

However, here's the good news we've been waiting for. This year us Drum & Bass fanatics will see the return of Infrared Records. The underground sound is coming back filled with the whole 90s nostalgic era, which us D&B fans crave for.

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