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Indie | Wednesday 17th July 2013 | Daniela

Guestlist Speaks to Nina Nesbitt

Half Scottish, half Swedish singer songwriter Nina Nesbitt has had an excellent start to the year. Her four track EP ‘Stay Out’ has up to 10 million views so far in YouTube and Vevo. Nina’s quirky voice and style has managed to get a faithful legion of fans. Her new EP ‘Way in the World’ is released later this week on the 22nd July. To celebrate her forthcoming EP and her upcoming headline tour in October, The Guestlist Network had the chance to ask Nina some questions.

What can we expect from your UK headline tour in October? 

Lots of new songs that are featured on my upcoming album! My band will be with me and we'll be playing the biggest venues I’ve ever played as a headline act so I’m very excited.

Is there a venue your most excited to play and why?

Probably O2 ABC in Glasgow, it's the second biggest date on the tour after London. It's the first big venue I ever played supported a bigger artist and really gave me a break in to the industry, It'll almost be two years to date going back and headlining it myself which is an amazing feeling.

Does it always feel great when you perform back home? 

Yes definitely! It's always such a warm and welcoming reception and great Scottish spirit. Also a lot of my friends often get to come down which is always nice.

How did you feel when you found out your gig in Newcastle sold out?

Very excited! I'm so grateful to all the people that have snapped up their tickets so early. I had a great time in Newcastle last time; we even broke the ceiling from jumping too much. 

You celebrated your 19th birthday at T in the park were you excited?

I was very excited to celebrate my birthday at t in the park but less excited to turn 19 haha! I wanted to stay 18 forever. I have a fear of getting older, also known as peter pan lifestyle.

What’s your favourite song to perform live? 

My favourite song to perform live changes all the time, but this festival season, it's one called Brit Summer because it's about the season we're in and works really well at festivals. I also get to jam out with the band on stage without being too self- indulgent hopefully.

What inspired you to write ‘Way in the World’? 

Working in a retail shop, but wanting to be a singer/songwriter. I didn't really know how to get started, off the internet. So it's kind of about standing folding clothes and daydreaming about being successful one day. It's also about all the pressures you begin to feel as you grow up, especially with university and college being the 'normal' route to go through. I knew I wanted to go against the norm and do it DIY which I guess was a brave choice.

You have quite a following with your fans calling themselves Nesbians, how does this make you feel? 

It's lovely of them to be so supportive! They're always there to pick me up on Twitter if i've had a bad day aswell haha.

You’ve played many festivals this summer, with many still to come so far, where have you had the biggest crowd reception so far? 

At a headline show it was one in Edinburgh called The Liquid Rooms. I'd always wanted to play that venue and headlining it was amazing. 

How was working with Jake Gosling and Ian Archer? Both producers have worked with pretty big names. 

Yeah great, I love writing alone but sometimes it's nice to work with more experienced writers/producers to bounce ideas off. I really clicked with both of them and another guy called Chris Leonard who works collaboratively with Jake.

Who has been your biggest influence? 

No one really, just any music I like influences me. It could be acoustic, rock, pop, electronic, rap… anything.

And finally who would you love to collaborate with and why? 

Blondie! Self-explanatory isn't it?

Thank you so much for answering our questions Nina, look forward to hearing from you soon, good luck with the EP!

‘Way in the World’ is out 22nd July.
Catch Nina Nesbitt in her headline tour across the UK this October, tickets on sale now!

By: Daniela Suarez