HEAR Dub Phizix launches new series OhmGrown

Drum and Bass | Thursday 22nd February 2018 | Arren

Dub Phizix & SenkaSonic launch the OhmGrown series with the futuristic ‘Engage 1:1’.

Not wanted to be always tied up in the red-tape that fills the industry, Manchester’s maddest Dub Phizix has kicked off OhmGrown to get his tunes to us faster.

Taking personal control of all aspects, sound-design, writing, mixing and visuals - Dub Phizix will take care of these himself. As soon as they’re all done it just gets put straight on his BandCamp. OhmGrown is all skipping over schedules and queues that keep tunes on the back burners. With this project Dub Phizix brings it all the here and now. Though we can still expect to see his tunes on other outlets, OhmGrown is just an additional to his current outputs.

Watch the debut OhmGrown release ‘Engage 1:1’ below, and head to SenkaSonic’s BandCamp to nab yourself a copy now.

Dub Phizix
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