"I was bunking off school to buy their records and now I'm playing alongside them" - Guestlist speaks with Best Breakthough Jungle DJ, Lavery

Drum and Bass | Thursday 22nd February 2018 | Arren

We get to know one of the leaders behind the latest jungle revival, Lavery.

He was up for three nominations at the recent We Love Jungle Awards, and was in the top three for all three catergies and nabbed the top spot for Best Breakthrough DJ. He's been behind some of the best jungle tunes of last year, firing out the records on Deep In The Jungle, Back To The Jungle & his own Sub Code. He's been tearing up clubs across the country at the biggest jungle parties sitting between the masters of the craft.

Lavery is Jungle's hottest new asset and after his mental performance at the We Love Jungle Awards we had to get to know a little more about the main man himself.

Hey, how are you?
Hi mate, all good. I've been really lately but I've got the weekend off from bookings so getting a few things sorted for the label.

What’s got you motivated right now?
There's a lot of undiscovered talent out there going under the radar, but I'm digging deep and finding a lot of fresh artists. These lot are doing it for me right now!

What’s your schedule looking like right now?
I'm picking up the third Sub Code release this week and I've also just cut the masters for SCR004 down at Music House, I'm hoping that's back in time for an unofficial Record Store Day release.

I've also got a few bookings coming in for the UK and Europe so I'll be cutting some dubplates for these in the next few weeks.

Now, you’ve started the year with some heavy impact - you were up from three awards at the We Love Jungle Awards, and nabbed the one for Breakthrough DJ and got in the top three for Best Track and Breakthrough Producer. I can think of worst ways to start the year! How was your night there?
Ah mate, it was mad. I never expected to be nominated for anything. So to be nominated for three was ridiculous. It was a complete shock to be honest.

I literally got the news and went on stage to collect the award for best Breakthrough DJ and had to play a set straight after, so there was absolutely no pressure!!

Any special highlights for you that night?
The first person to really kinda show an interest in my production was DJ Hybrid. He signed a few bits after I'd been releasing on Sub Code for a while and really sort of put me on the map.

I'd never actually met him but I knew he was going. I was standing by the bar and we didn't even realise we were standing next to each other. After a few minutes of looking at each other weird, we finally realised and yeah.. that was pretty cool to finally meet him and then see him win the best label award.

You also featured that night on the line up alongside proper legends, what’s it like rubbing shoulders with the best? Does it affect the way you go about your set?
I still can't get over it, I was bunking off school to go down the record shops to buy their records and now I'm playing alongside them every other week. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. It's what I've always wanted since I was 13.

Those nominations and positions in the We Love Jungle Awards, all well deserved as you’ve been a serious player in the nu-skool, jungle revival. You’re leading the way now, though what was the first jungle tune you heard?
‘Fire’ by Prizna & Demolition Man. That was the first track I actually knew. I used to listen to a pirate station in Southend called Premier 88.6. They used to play quite a bit of jungle but that was the track that stood out for me and got me hooked. That's probably why I'm so focused on the 93-95 sound. That track has everything for me!!

You’re running Sub-Code Records, what can we expect from that this year?
Lots. I'm hoping to get a good few 12" releases this year. Plus a few sideline projects on white label. SCR003 - Mind Control EP is by myself which is out now.

SCR004 is from a guy called DJ Enfusion who's done the Fluctuations EP. This is a serious four tracker and is doing some serious damage. There's a track on the called 'Dubness' and trust me, I'm so glad I've signed this tune! I'm also speaking to Krave and Pirate about releasing some EP's, these two are going places.

Are you planning on releasing all the records on vinyl?
I've just dropped the Hardcore Revival EP by Puffin' Billy as a digital download through BandCamp plus the Lose Control EP is now available. They will all be available to download at some stage but I'm pushing the vinyl releases first and foremost.

Do you prefer your music on vinyl?
I prefer vinyl personally. I like to play a physical copy of the track but I'll play anything. Music is music and as long as it’s good, it doesn't matter. I stay well away from the whole vinyl / digital debate because it's up to you what you play on. Music is an art form and art has no boundaries.

What do you think about the current state of the jungle scene, and what is it in this state?
I think it's in the best place it's been since the mid 90's. It's thriving right now. Social media and the internet has made it possible to share ideas and tracks legally with people all over the world. Canada is huge for jungle right now, so I can send tracks to people like Marcus Visionary, DJ L, etc and they can hear my tracks that weekend.

There's a whole new generation of producers too who are coming in with their take on the sound, keeping it fresh and exciting. It's great at the moment.

‘Jungle makes me wanna….’
Go into a retirement home and start a riot.

What’s your break of choice?
It's gotta be the amen. I don't care if it's overused, I like it and I can do infinite things to it and it still sounds tough.

What are you most in love with right now?
The label. It's really starting to get noticed and I'm watching it grow. I've been running up and down the country getting the records into various physical and online stores and I'm just starting to get people coming to me now instead of hassling people to buy the EP's. It's nice to see the hard work paying off.

If you could DJ anywhere in the world, where would that be?
I'd like to play in America & Canada. But to be fair, I'm happy to play anywhere. I prefer the smaller venues and playing at the local raves where the promoters are still doing it for the love and the vibes are always hungry. It's still underground.

Three jungle records we all need to hear before we die?

Rude & Deadly - Thunder & Lightening?

DJ Enfusion - Dubness

Tango - Understand

What would you do to change the world?
Cancel all wars and replace them with huge jungle sound clashes.

What’s the best lesson you’ve ever learnt in life?
Don't listen to anyone and do what you want to do.

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