Guestlist Recommends: Congo Natty - Jungle Revolution

Tuesday 16th July 2013 | jack

Michael West's Jungle Revolution

Michael West, a.k.a Rebel MC, a.k.a Congo Natty has being doing it since before you were born. Spear-heading Reggae’s surge into the forefront of British dance culture in the late 80’s alongside names like Double Trouble and labels such as Kickin’ and Shut up & Dance in the form of what soon became a sensation known as ‘Jungle’.

The Tottenham born MC has come a long way since his 1989 success with rave hit ‘Street Tuff’. It is almost impossible to go to a jungle gig without hearing Nanci Correia’s voice informing you that “It’s Congo Natty time this year” at some point.

Now the junglist superstar is back with ‘Jungle Revolution’. The appropriately dubbed ninth album sees West look back to his early roots, featuring throwback guests such as UK Allstars as well as an appearance from General Levy who is responsible for 1994 ragga hit ‘Incredible’.

Production assistance is offered by Benny Page, Serial Killaz and Boyson and Crooks and latest UK additions Nanci and Phoebe (aka ‘Iron Dread’) take care of vocals to give the old school jungle revival a contemporary, soundsystem-esque edge.

The album is unashamedly political and verges on aggressive at times (be sure to listen to ‘London Dungeons’). According to the man himself:  

"The message of reggae is Ras Tafari and Ras Tafari is love. They sang about love but they was also prophesying and talking about the system, talking about things that were going on in the world. I saw jungle as being that same music, where we were going to spread a message."

Jack Rogers