Geo Gabriel on 'Destiny', Lionel Richie & believing in yourself

RnB/Hip Hop | Tuesday 6th February 2018 | Vivian Obiji

British soul singer Geo Gabriel is back with his latest single 'Destiny'. It is a fresh, slick and soulful rendition that will leave you hooked from start to finish.

Unlike most artists, Geo's smooth vocals have seen him perform in front of Prince Charles and work with some big names in the music business. From Jay Z, Ed Sheeran, Lionel Ritchie, Madonna, the list is endless. We catch up with the artist to talk future projects, the inspiration behind 'Destiny' and self-belief.

Describe yourself in 3 words or more?

I am strong willed, unpredictable, creatively versatile.

We know you are from the UK but which part?

I'm from Peckham in South East London.

What was it like growing up there?

When I was growing up Peckham was a very rough and tough area. You didn't wanna be walking through certain parts at night, even cab drivers didn't like driving through Peckham but now it's changed.

Where you the naughty kid growing up?

Yes very naughty, so naughty I got sent away to live in a different area!

So who first got you into soul?

I grew up in a household where soul music was played very heavily, as early as I could remember, there was lots of Temptations, Shalamar, Funk Deluxe, Ohio Players, Chic, Glover Washington, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, The Whispers.

My parents and older siblings also played lots of pop, reggae, rock, jazz etc. When I lived in Africa I got exposed to a great wealth of soul music, groups and artists like High Fashion, B.B. & Q band, Change, S.O.S. band, Time, Skyy, Midnight Star, Curtis Hairston, Mary Jane Girls, Cameo, Bar Kays, Phyllis Hyman, Slave, War, Rick James, and Prince.

When did you realise that this music thing would work out?

When I made the decision to follow my heart and be happy, I took the risk of ditching my degree and following the music path all the way. It made sense then and still makes sense now!

Did you face any challenges as you pursued your music career?  

Yes, I faced loads of challenges, for example when started out I needed a producer to work on my music but got no joy. I've always had good ears and I know exactly what I want when I hear it, but I just couldn't find someone who could produce the kind of music I want and give me that sound I need so I ended up learning music production which has been so worth it!

Tell us about your latest single ‘Destiny’?

'Destiny' is a song about my life as an artist/entertainer, bright lights different cities different tours, plane hopping, hotels galore, performing on different stages around the world, these are some of the elements that make me the man who I am and I embrace it all because it's my destiny.

You performed in front of Prince Charles, Prince Edward and the President of Iceland. What was that like?

It was interesting, we weren't told who we were performing to until Showtime. We were told not to mingle with the audience, which I found really strange, I sensed it was people of elite status and because it was at The Ritz hotel the whole thing has high class written all over it. We finished the first set and the audience immediately came to mingle with us they had security (who were MI5) there with them who tried to push back but the audience told the security guys to chill out they wanted to mingle with us.

We also know you performed in Africa - any highlights?

The whole trip was one big highlight, that's because I hadn't stepped on African soil in 22 years! The big pluses were the TV and radio interviews, I also performed at an event which was really awesome.

You’ve worked with major artists from Jay Z to Ed Sheeran, but who has been your favourite to work with?

Lionel Richie, that's because he was friendly, he also brought a really great vibe on stage and to the audience, he had everyone dancing, he even danced with us the singers!

Tell us something about you that’s weird?

I never step on dressing room floors at gigs without my shoes when getting changed.

What would you do to make the world a better place?

I will continue doing what I'm doing which is making music that affects change and impacts people positively.

What ideas changed your life?

The ideas that changed me are, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard and self-belief and consistency are very important.

What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

A swimming pool full of £50 notes!

What else can we expect from you in 2018?

My album and so many new singles.  

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