NHS in Crisis: Join thousands marching against government cuts to the NHS

Other | Saturday 27th January 2018 | Miren

The NHS has been starved of funding for 8 long years, there is an enormous crisis. The people of Britain are protesting to save our NHS.

They have four demands:

End the winter crisis with a cash injection to restore the NHS budget

Commit to increased funding each year

End the cap on NHS pay

No cuts, no closures, no privatisation

On January the 4th 2018, the prime minister and health secretary apologised for the dwindling state of the NHS. The government has deliberately made cuts, closed beds, restrained pay and privatised the NHS. There isn’t enough capacity to deal with the current demand and there is extreme pressure on dedicated staff as 100,000 NHS jobs are vacant.

In Britain alone, government spending on the health service is the lowest of any equivalent country. There was a funding freeze in 2010 imposed by George Osbourne which starved the system and resulted in a serious deficit of staff and resources. 8,000 front line beds and 20% of mental health beds closed, leaving no spare capacity for peaks of demand.

Ambulances have also had to queue up to deliver ill patients as well as seeing mental health patients being taken hundreds of miles away from their homes. This must end and this must end now.

Help save our NHS by joining us in London on Saturday 3rd February, 12 noon, at Gower Street, London, WC1E (near UCL Hospital). 

Find out more about the event here