The 3 Top Independent Movie Soundtracks of 2017

Indie | Friday 19th January 2018 |

With award season in full flow, its time you buffed up on the best soundtracks on everyone's lips at the moment.

However, as we know, the big dogs like the Oscars and the Golden Globes have never given us the full picture of what we should all be watching and listening to. So here we are to give you a roundup of the best independent movie soundtracks of 2017. 

Baby Driver

If not merely because of its length, Baby Driver’s soundtrack is immediately impressive. The film hinges on its soundtrack, mainly due to its protagonist’s penchant for timing each heist down to the minute of each song he uses to jazz himself up. The songs span decades and genres, with everything from early Beck to Sky Ferreira, who recorded a version of the smooth Commodores song ‘Easy’ for the film. Perhaps not surprisingly, this soundtrack is the perfect for a sunny drive or a badass strut down the streets of a city.

Best tracks: Easy and Debra


Good Time

If you haven’t seen this film, I couldn’t recommend it enough. Having seemingly slipped through the mainstream, it garnered support from Independent awards boards the world over. Robert Pattinson absolutely kills, both metaphorically and literally, and Daniel Lopatin’s score is the perfect accompaniment to a disturbing and nail-bitingly tense film. The soundtrack is akin to that of Drive, with ominous rising synths and an 80s electronica vibe. 10/10 would listen again.

Best tracks: Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride and The Pure and the Damned


Call Me By Your Name


This film is an underdog at the Oscars this year and its 80s inspired soundtrack was the perfect backdrop to the bittersweet story of two men in love. Sufjan Steven’s soft tones play the starring role, with three songs written especially for the film. The 80s theme is so welcome in my books because I think a lot of artists in the mainstream could learn a thing or two from this era’s pop music.

Best tracks: Mystery Of Love and Love My Way


Emma Scott