Menoufia Governor arrested over corruption charges

Other | Monday 15th January 2018 | Claudia

An Egyptian governor and two other men were arrested on Sunday the 14th of January by anti-corruption officers over alleged corruption charges.   

The MENA official news agency reports did not include specific details on the case, however, local news media have been reporting that the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) caught Hesham Abdel-Baset the governor of Minufiya involved in bribery, profiteering and looting public funds.   

Hersham Abdel came to office back in February 2015 and Egypt has since undergone a serious anti-corruption campaign for the past few years. As a result of this, it has led to the arrest and imprisonment of various senior officials and large amounts of public funds have been retrieved in light of these crimes.  

It was only in August 2017 that the ACA arrested a female deputy governor along with five other men over the bribery of one million Egyptian pounds, this was done to stop the removal of illegally assembled buildings on the state-owned land.  

Other officials like former irrigation minister Mohamed Nasr El-Din Allam, who was sentenced to prison over related illegal sales of agricultural land for construction back in February 2017. His trial is still ongoing. 

Corruption has played a big part in the elites get quick rich schemes for far too long. Now ACA officials are clamping down on former ministers, businesses and governors in hopes of restoring some law and order, to allow some sort of compensation to innocent Egyptians affected by these money laundering schemes.