Good Time - Review: “A black comedy with an impressive Robert Pattison”

Other | Tuesday 21st November 2017 | Francesco

A24 continues to release the most interesting and critically acclaimed movies since its birth in 2012, and Good Time is an example of this positive trend.
We watched the movie at the London Film Festival and it was a pleasant surprise. It’s the story of Constantine “Connie” Nikas who decides to rob a bank with his brother. Apparently, they manage to escape and keep the money, but an unexpected impediment causes Connie’s brother Nick to be imprisoned. His older brother will try every possible route to get him released, but things get even more complicated and awkward.
After starring in blockbusters such as Twilight, this is the role where Pattison is able to shine. Like his former co-star Kristen Stewart, Pattison seems to have acquired a mastery and a great capability of exposing characters’ inner demons and emotions. He plays this role brilliantly, we easily perceive his deep affection for Nick and he delivers great lines during the series of unexpected outcomes that come about in the story. Ben Safdie incredibly directs himself and stars Nick, along with the always impressive Jennifer Jason Leigh & Barkhad Abdi. 

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The movie is a convincing and gripping black comedy, you are easily involved in this fictional universe where a hidden desperation leads to unexpected actions.
However, it is easy to see that the central core relies on brotherhood - the bond between these two brothers is tender and feels authentic. As a consequence, Good Time is able to mix the right dose of black humour, action, and emotions, which ends up making this a powerful indie movie. You will be trapped in this fast and surprising story that will you leave you breathless from start to finish. 
Heaven knows that directors and the independent filmmakers such as the Safdie brothers don’t disappoint in this new crime drama. The powerful and decisive cinematography adds a touch of uniqueness to this solid movie that will likely acquire lots of popularity and critical attention. The movie has is out now, have a look at the trailer below: