5 reasons Budapest is the place to travel to this winter

Other | Monday 30th October 2017 | Rose

The capital of Hungary is awesome for many reasons, but here is why you should consider going this winter time for a Christmas city getaway.

  1. Cheap booze and cool bars

If you know anyone who’s been to Budapest, they’ll have told you about how INSANELY cheap it is to drink here. 50p a beer? 30p a glass of wine? Rumours or truth? Though I didn’t hunt down the rumoured 30p wine glasses (alas), I can confirm the rumours are true. Even in the coolest bars, the drinks will be far cheaper than what we’re used to in the UK - the prices will certainly be a very welcome break from some of the atrocities you can find in London.

Make sure to check out one of Budapest's edgiest attractions - its ruin bars.

  1. Avoid the busy summer season

Budapest is a hot stop for interrailers, which the season for is generally summer. So visiting the country in the winter cuts out the non-hardcore tourists who only want to see Europe when it’s warm enough to wear a t shirt, and also will help you avoid hordes of annoying bar crawlers, allowing you to have a slightly more authentic local experience… while also avoiding queues for drinks.

  1. Spas spas and more spas

Winter in the majority of Europe is COLD, and venturing to Hungary won’t magically transport you back to the weather of Ibiza’17. But if you have a real problem with the oncoming winter chill, Budapest does a pretty good compensation job - thermal spas. Oh my they are incredible. Imagine that chilly feeling where snowflakes are settling on your ears, nose, eyelashes, you can’t have your hands outside your pockets for fear they may fall off, then plunging your whole body into a warm bath big enough to swim in, still outside with steam visible for metres above you. That’s the feeling of swimming outside in winter at Szechenyi baths. It’s like a big fuck you to the cold and it will be the most relaxing moment of your year, guaranteed.

  1. Christmas markets and great family gifts

One of the best things about travelling at Christmas is getting to visit Christmas markets across Europe, which tend to feature many local independant stalls selling warm food and drink, unique souvenirs, all kinds of stuff which might save your ass on Christmas gifts for the family… These aren’t just socks dad, they’re socks from Budapest, cool huh! And just like that, long hours of Christmas shopping in busy UK shopping centres, saved.

Find the biggest Christmas market in Vörösmarty Square

  1. It’s not as cold as Germany

If we’re talking Christmas markets, you’re probably thinking of Berlin, Cologne, somewhere the trend actually came from. Yes, the markets are great here too, but the winters in Germany are HARSH, and though most of Europe will be cold, choosing Germany is like choosing to step inside a freezer for a weekend. Plus, no spas and guarenteed cheap drinks. Who needs it.

IMG_8706Budapest. Why the hell not.