Bang Bang Romeo will propel you to another planet, one you won't want to come back from

Indie | Friday 27th October 2017 | Alice

Make no mistake, Bang Bang Romeo are as explosive as their name portrays. With powerful vocals that still hold a hint of vulnerability, Bang Bang Romeo fail to disappoint, time and time again, pulling in a sea of crowds who literally stampede to be close to directly chorus songs back to them.

As we all bundle into their van at The Electric Ballroom it’s great to see the band are as relaxed as ever whilst searching for a Mars chocolate bar. Which Anastacia later finds to be an unpleasant Halloween Mini Roll, I bask in the environment of what is normality.

From the moment I meet the band I'm blown over by how they may just be the most grounded group I’ve ever met. The truth is, I’ve seen Bang Bang Romeo over what may be 10 times in a short amount of time, and each time I’m propelled to another universe, a place where I want more, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to sit with the band finally to talk all about Bang Bang Romeo.

Talk me through the conception of the band?

Me (Anastacia) and Ross were introduced to each other as we were both playing the same festival in Doncaster together. He had a bigger crowd than me I must admit. We then started writing together and I fell in love with his writing and him. We’d tried out a few drummers and had a few jams but hadn’t really got anywhere.

Then Richard came along and as soon as he started playing we were instantly like ‘Oh my god’. We invited him to join the crazy train, rehearsing in clothes shops and this is who you see today.

You took off really quickly, how have you found the journey from starting out to where you are now?

See I guess you say that but for us it doesn’t feel so quick. When you’re in that bubble you kind of lose track of time. It’s felt quite a lot for us, as it’s been non-stop and we haven’t had a break. The early years were us trying to find out who we were and our sound, we had a bunch of songs but we were trying to find out what we wanted and who we were in the band. We’ve only just kind of found the sound. We stopped trying to find a specific sound and decided to do what we wanted to do and that’s how it turned out.

How have you tried to capture sounds along your journey?

We love films! For instance Tarantino. We like our songs to transport you. I (Anastacia) hate going to see a show or a band that doesn't arouse any attention, ultimately just blokes with guitars. I love music that takes you away, like the Beatles or Radio Head and Led Zeplin. Queen especially! We want to have goosebumps so we’ve tried to capture that in our sound.

This tour 'Alive by This Feeling', all the bands are all different sounds, but you can tell they are all so passionate in what they do. They put everything into it, I believe it, I believe they are having the time of their lives.

Are you content with where you are currently?

We are content with the path we’re on. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes at the moment that will hopefully lead us to bigger things but in terms of our just finished debut album, and the This Feeling Tour that’s nearly finished, we are a very happy band right now.

I think we’re rolling with it and whatever comes next. I think it’s because we know things are coming and we don’t want to wish life away. Let's enjoy this, as there will be a point hopefully where we won’t be at home as much, so we want to be happy with our lives currently. Of course, everyone wants more. We think bands are scared of saying they are content in case someone takes it as they have no ambition, which is a load of rubbish. We have tons of ambition but we are so content.

Talk me through your new single and its visuals?

We wanted to do something slightly different to the first video but keep hints of it. We had a few ideas and the song can be interpreted how you want to interpret it but it has got that thought of conquering whatever it is you want to.

We have a boy called Noah, which it’s about his day-to-day life. He’s obsessed with films and he was great to work with, so much energy. He’s an astronaut throughout and it follows his journey throughout the day. We’ve put a few nods to a few of our favourite scenes from our favourite films. A lot of kids have loved the track which is really important.

This Feeling Alive tour is your biggest to date, how’s it gone?

Loved it. At first it was a bit of a shock to the system. Just being on the road constantly and eating rubbish. We are all craving veg. I (Anastacia) just spat out a chocolate mini roll which isn’t like me. We’ve loved it, we’re like best friends and we don’t really piss each other off. If one travels separately or one of us goes home to a partner we feel a bit lost.

There have been such amazing venues, Glasgow was great but Sheffield was mental. I don’t think we’ve ever experienced something so good. We’ve not been back to our home area for a while except for festivals. The reaction of the crowd just singing it all back was intense, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a show where that reaction happened, I cried like a wimp. All their phones out for a sea of light and singing our words, it was just mental.

This Feeling are providing a great platform for musicians, how have you found working with them?

It’s like a good cult. It’s a movement. They’ve given us our first major festivals. They have given us a chance and introduced us to big venues where you think oh my. It’s gone from whisper to something you can’t avoid or miss. It’s become a family. It’s helped bring people together, however, now more are watching the bands instead of only watching one act.

All the fans and bands go in and watch the This Feeling stages, everyone gets up and goes. I tell every band I know to get in touch with them.


What are your dreams and plans for the next two years?

We want to be selling out these venues the sizes we’ve just been playing. I think it’s doable. Also to have this as our living and be happy still. To get out of the UK and go to America and Europe.

Let's countdown to who you would tour with if it could be anyone?


There’s not really much more I can say or do to sing their praises. Their London appearance at The Electric Ballroom a day prior to their final show held it’s own with a sea of people singing songs that are classic and transporting. Bang Bang Romeo have only just gotten started, so get ready for one hell of a ride.

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