Thousands in the Philippines take to the street's to warn of Duterte's emerging dictatorship

Other | Thursday 21st September 2017 | Claudia

Thousands take to the streets in the Philippines to call for the denunciation of president Rodrigo Duterte, who they say is the head of a dictatorship.

People from all walks of life took to the streets today to show defiance against president Rodrigo Duterte. Politicians, indigenous people, priests, businessmen and other activists gathered together to accuse Duterte of authoritarianism.

People were also protesting against the policies that were put in place on the war on drugs that has killed thousands.

Placards read “Stop The Killings” and “No To Martial Rule”. Citizens fear that Duterte will one day follow through on his threats and declare military rule in a similar way to dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The demonstrations marked the 45th anniversary of the beginning of that era, which for many is remembered as a brutal and oppressive time in history. Citizens feel that history might just be repeating itself with these unsettling new events taking place.

Effigies of Duterte were set on fire, one of which included his face and Adolf Hitler's face. A statement was made by one protester who pretended to play dead as a reenactment of various drug-related killing sprees that have been going on. Activists have said that a lot of these killings have been staged by police to look like the work of vigilantes.  

Senator Risa Hontiveros said democracy was under threat by a “Dictatorship” with a “policy of killing”.

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