Handpicked bangers from Hybris

Drum and Bass | Thursday 21st September 2017 | Arren

Hybris digs through his records and shares some of his favourite tracks.

When on the topic of futuristic drum & bass, Hybris is usually top of most critics lists. The American-born Czech-based producer and DJ spent years as a studio recluse, developing his unique and intricate style. Now a master of his craft whose productions you can tell from a mile off, Hybris and his twist on drum & bass has caught the attention of many.

After years of releasing dark and robotic beats on imprints ranging Critical Music & Noisia’s Invisible, Hybris has opened his own imprint - Pseudoscience Recordings. Opening as a space for Hybris to follow his own creative vision, he’s kicked things off with the debut EP; Say Hello To The Future. Marking up to 4 tracks, it’s undeniably Hybris’ sick style of cutting edge sounds and structures.

Listen to Hybris’ 'Say Hello To The Future' on Pseudoscience Recordings

To celebrate the launch of his label and the debut release, we asked Hybris to share with us some of his favourite tracks. From his idols to newer names on the scene, Hybris hasn’t let us down!

Big Loada - Port Rhombus

“Big Loada completely blew my mind when I was in high school, and to be honest it still does. The intricacy of the rhythms, the strange floating melodies, everything about this song is amazing to me. When I found out he probably triggered a lot of this stuff live with his midi bass, it was just the icing on the cake. I don't know anyone who has really taken this sort of thing further than Squarepusher did.”

Akkord - Navigate

This tune isn't dnb, but Akkord is made up of two dnb veterans, and the aesthetic permeates everything about this tune. It chugs along with clicky and clacky percussion on top of swelling resonant bass, and I was hypnotized from the moment I hit play. Proper futuristic music.

Hive - Behold A Pale Horse

We Americans had different dnb idols when growing up, and for me Hive was the dude. This whole album shaped who I am as a producer, and this tune still gets my blood pumping. It has an old school chunkiness to it, but I feel like the approach to dnb on this album is something was and still is extremely unique and yet to be replicated or advanced upon.

Homemade Weapons - Conduit VIP

“Homemade Weapons is an all around badman who's been working hard for a very long time. Within the last few years he totally got his sound on lock, and the results have been amazing. Ice cold, razor sharp, super dark, and extremely tasteful beats are now the standard for his production. I really respect how he makes something minimal sound so hard, just goes to show how impact is not always about how loud and raucous something is.”

Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink

“Amon Tobin is a master of the craft. I love using foley sounds that I record while I'm out and about, and this dude sets the bar very high as to what can be done. It's so tinky and clicky and squishy, and somehow still funky and brooding.

Abstract Elements - Propeacedone

“Bop and Abstract Elements are just off on their own thing and I love it. We've got some things in the works and I can't wait to get them out there.”

Kemal - Plan B

“Kemal and Rob Data made some of the most future dnb there is and will ever be.”

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