Big sounds from Toronto city

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 30th August 2017 | Arren

Bring the sounds of Toronto to the world.

There's a new label on Toronto's blocks, Dutty Bass Audio. It joins the cities rapidly growing drum & bass scene and they've kick things off with a mad compilation. Laying themselves strong foundations, Dutty Bass Audio Vol 1 features quality tunes from some of the sickest new talents emerging right now.

Headed by Quickdraw from just outside Toronto, the label has a focus for dance floor tunes. Though Quickdraw has a soft spot for rolling drum & bass and jungle he admits there's 'no boundaries for what I want to put out, as long as it vibes'. Setting up just at the right time, Toronto's drum & bass scene is getting stronger by the day. He explains, 'there has been a big resurgence in the last year or so. Wednesday to Sunday there is always something going on. Every week-end there is some UK headliner playing. Multiple parties on the same night which never use to happen'. Toronto's clubbers are looking for their drum & bass fix, and though events in the city from crew like Last Planet are filling up - it needs a platform to showcase the rising talents from the area.

Enter Dutty Bass Audio, Quickdraw aims to bring the vibes of Toronto to the global stage. Following the sounds from the UK, namely DJ Hybrid's Audio Addict and DJ Argo's Sub-Liminal, he aims to provide a home for the wealth of talent in Toronto. Wasting no time Dutty Bass Audio has already made a big splash with their first release. Featuring exclusive cuts from artists including K Jah, RMS and Too Greezy - it's a serious statement of the quality we can expect. Hear the tracks below or nab yourself a copy here.

Dutty Bass Audio
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