Patife's ode to Sun & Bass is massive

Drum and Bass | Wednesday 30th August 2017 | Arren

Patife pays homage to the event that got him back in the game.

DJ Patife's a Brazilian drum & bass icon, who along with DJ Marky, gave drum & bass a fresh vibe back in the late 90s. After a trip to London and meeting Bryan Gee, Patife and Marky rapidly became two of the most in demand DJs on the circuit with their smooth, care free take on the genre. Patife then took some time to himself around 2009 and distanced himself from the scene. It was a chance trip to Sun & Bass in Sardinia, Italy that made Patife rethink his decision and rekindled his love for the music.

Patife explained 'I was trying to find a way for all of them, or at least a few of them to come to Sun & Bass, and to see and feel what I was feeling.' He continued; 'as a drum & bass lover, it was hard to believe that for a whole week an event took place in a paradise ... An event full of people who love this music from all around world, all alongside those legends who've been in this scene since the beginning.'

In an ode to the event, Patife has compiled the huge Viva Brazil: Sun & Bass Sessions for V Recordings with a vast and varied selection of new and exclusive music from the sun kissed beaches of Brazil. The 18 tracked album features hot material from L-Side, Alibi, Command Strange and loads more. You can hear previews of the album below and bag yourself here.

1. L-Side - What You Say
2. DJ Patife & Vangeliez - Flying High
3. DJ Chap - Brown
4. The Levels - Shadow Fighter (Alibi Remix)
5. ArpXP & Level 2 - You
6. Alibi - Feelings
7. Drumagick - South Beath
8. L-Side - Thought Love
9. L-Side - Moonshine feat. MC Fava
10. Simplification & Translate - Samba Tonight
11. Simplification & Translate - Don't Forget
12. DJ Patife, Duoscience & Mayforms - White Sand
13. Andrezz - Sweet Things
14. Level 2 & Critycal Dub - Sideways Jazz
15. Alibi, Unreal & Dogface - Lasagna
16. Alibi & Command Strange - Ahead of Me
17. L-Side - Dust Version
18. DJ Patife & David WS - The Vibe Is Comin' feat. MC Fats

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