Texan women forced to take out extra insurance for abortion

Other | Wednesday 23rd August 2017 | Claudia

On Tuesday the 15th of August Governor Greg Abbott has recently signed a law which bans insurance coverage for abortions in America.

This will mean that women will be required to take out a separate policy to cover an unwanted pregnancy, even through special circumstances of rape, incest, and fatal fetal abnormalities won't be taken into consideration.

The bill will ultimately stop women from claiming coverage on abortions separate to their own health insurance. And from the looks of the picture below they all seem quite smug about the whole matter at hand, a win for the all American white misogynist man.

This bill has been named the  “rape insurance”, not surprising really as it shows a lack of compassion for special circumstances.The 'HB 214' has approved all abortion coverage to be removed from insurance plans and be sold separately.

Many other anti-choice laws aim to prohibit such rights. The 'HB 214' doesn't outright ban abortion but is more subtle in its tactics of restricting access to abortions.

Nevertheless, healthcare in America has been unstable for a number of years now even with affordable health care (Obamacare), the most vulnerable in society have always been subjected to neglectful mistreatment from such a cash in hand system of medical health care.

American health care has been a shambles from the start so the impact on the disadvantaged would sadly not be so great, because medical coverage is so bad, to begin with.

Sadly this new law will make it near enough impossible for the many women in Texas struggling to get by as it is.

To further distress and inconvenience a woman's decision based on her own body is outright disgusting. What this bill really achieves is a restriction to basic health care to those less privileged in society. And puts more of a stigma to the term 'abortion' in an already heavily influenced religious state.  

The inequality has always been present in the so called American dream but these new laws are turning the whole ethos into quite a nightmarish scene.