Dunkirk is more than just Harry Styles, it shows the real horrors of war

Other | Wednesday 16th August 2017 | Grace

War is always a terrible thing, and the world wars specifically have always been particularly cruel wars that will always be remembered and spoken about in history.

But we can all admit that at one point or another during a seemingly never-ending history lesson at school, that we have scratched a crudely drawn cock into our battered old school desks as we have boredly sat and listened to the same old stories about war.   

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However, Christopher Nolan puts a new spin on an old, but true to life story of soldiers trapped on the beach in World War 2, and them trying to get home as they are surrounded by German soldiers, in Dunkirk.  

Bringing together a cinematic display for the senses and a roller-coaster of emotions, the film follows one man on his journey of trying to get off the beach at Dunkirk and what he, and thousands of other men, had to go through just to travel across the channel to reach home.

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The great thing about this film is it gives a perception of war that is never really thought about; the perception that these were young men who just wanted to be safe with their family and really wanted nothing to do with the war whatsoever.

It makes history that bit more interesting and brings a real sense of reality to what happened, a reality that can often be missed when explained by a slightly drunk history teacher at the age of 16.

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This movie is definitely worth watching while it is still out, if even just to appreciate all that anyone who has ever been through war really experiences and to be grateful for the life we have and the time we live in.