My Nu Leng turn their heads to dnb for their next release

Drum and Bass | Tuesday 8th August 2017 | Arren

My Nu Leng joins with Shogun for their debut d&b release.

The tell tail signs have all been there... A debut dnb set at the Playaz Easter special, going back to back with Goldie later on this month at SW4 Festival, and even a cheeky 180 flex in their set at Rinse FM's Dalston rooftop party. Though finally, the official news has landed, and that's My Nu Leng have sorted some tunes of the drum & bass variety.

The Bristolian duo have been turning heads for their sick blend of bass heavy garage and grime. Given their musical style, the move to drum & bass isn't too much of a shocker, though definitely very welcome.

After showing Friction some drum & bass tunes they'd made the idea of an EP for Shogun was mentioned. My Nu Leng said: "It's been over a year since that conversation started and we are really happy to now get it out there." 

Due to come out on September 1st, the duo's Portal EP is 4 tracks and includes records with Friction, SpectraSoul & lyamah.

You can hear their track with Friction, 'Jigsaw' below and pre-order yourself a copy by following the link.

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