Anti - G20 protests misrepresented as all violent

Other | Monday 17th July 2017 | Rose

The G20 summit took place in Hamburg last week, and like other years, it faced huge public backlash.

This G20 however, with presidents such as Trump and Putin fuelling anger within the people throughout the year, frustrations have risen bringing huge numbers out in protest in the German city.

President Trump's attitudes to important issues such as climate change and his pulling out of the Paris Agreement is something which has sparked anger. But it is not simply controversially viewed leaders that are causing angst; there is great opposition towards the bigger picture of global politics.

People who protested at the Hamburg summit were persuaded to through personal experiences, showing that the current state of global political operations is not solving the social injustices they face.

For some, simply the concept of the G20 is reason enough to fight for change. It seems extremely unjust to have a select few huge world leaders make crucial decisions on behalf of millions, that they are often extremely out of touch with.

Stories about protesting at G20 have not been widely broadcasted, and the articles that do attempt to represent events show unpleasant imagery including fires, signifying that all protests were violent riots.

It seems the media are not willing to give any publicity to the 100,000 peaceful protesters and what they achieved by coming out and marching with their signs or jumping into rivers.

The focus on violence represents all protestors, in the same way, ignoring individual circumstances and pushing a false conception of protests as violent, something to avoid, and worst, something to be fearful of.

Here at Guestlist, we believe you get behind what you believe in; you take a stand, you say NO. We will not allow these news stories to scare you away from standing up for things you believe need to change.

Only a tiny proportion of people were violent while protesting G20. The peaceful protesters may be difficult to find in the big media, but not here at Guestlist.

Here are the strong citizens of the world taking a stand against Trump, against war, against each individual person’s life being governed by 21 elite leaders.

Why weren’t you among them?