Theresa May still in power with this dodgy DUP deal

Wednesday 28th June 2017 | Grace

What do you get when you cross bigoted Christian extremists with a money grabbing, power-mad lizard queen? The new coalition British government of course! (Cue comedy drum sound BA-DUM-CHA!)

But, with the Tories and the DUP signing a 3-page deal that includes cutting funding to the NHS and public services, politics in the UK is now beyond a joke!

The deal has been strongly criticised after a 'magic' 1 billion pounds has appeared to fund Northern Ireland as part of the DUP’s negotiations. Even though Theresa May has constantly said that austerity, (aka, the tightening of the purse strings for public funding) is the only way out of the UK’s public debt.

So, what’s the big deal? The Tories were already in power and who even are the DUP?

Well, not only have the Conservative party actually created a bigger deficit for Britain since they were elected, but they also stand for the British elite and are totally out of touch with most people in the UK.

As for The Democratic Unionists Party, they originally started as the Northern Irish equivalent of the Labour Party, a political party to stand up for the working classes of Northern Ireland. However, due to the political religious past of Northern Ireland, the DUP have become a major right-wing party who are anti-abortion, anti-gay and have links to the IRA.

With all this, the Grenfell Tower incident and even the Queen receiving a 2 billion pound pay rise, it is really starting to feel like there is no one standing up for the normal people, dealing with the normal problems of everyday life.

Like those struggling with healthcare, not being able to afford a train journey and living in a tower block where their life has been destroyed, thanks to the safety checks not being done properly despite the fact that the million pound properties around the corner are all “coincidently” safe and sound.

Image result for protests against tories

Along with Jeremy Corbyn commenting that this deal is “not in the national interest”, it feels clear to say that this agreement was only signed by the scaly hand of the lizard queen to keep herself in power!

It is also ironic to see that the same government that made a huge fuss about Jeremy Corbyn's link with the IRA, is also the same party that is forming a coalition with the DUP, which is supported by the Ulster Defence Association ( UDA).  A "violent loyalist paramilitary group, which is still active today."

So, what can be done about it?

Other than watching Jeremy Corbyn’s moving and heartfelt speech at Glastonbury, it’s time for you to rise up and let the government know what you really think if you haven’t already. Find protests that are happening near you and join in when you can. Thousands have already flooded the streets for power in numbers. Sign a petition to tell the government that this is not okay!

Last but by no means least, spread the word!

This decision affects every single person who lives in the UK and now more than ever, voices need to be heard to let the people in charge know that we are all important, individual human beings, no matter how much money we have and what our social status is.