Rapture 4D is the Beat Boss Champion!

Grime | Sunday 25th June 2017 | Gaara

Plasma Abuse head honcho, winner of Beat Boss 5 and BBC, Rinse FM, Radar Radio & Boiler Room featured producer Rapture 4D speaks to Guestlist from Scotland about beats, DJing and the Grime Scene.

So when did you first start producing music?

I started making music around high school times after a few mates showed me Fruity Loops. It was never something I thought about doing in the past, but once I got into it more and more, that began to change.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Some of my biggest influences are producers like Rude Kid, Preditah, K1, Plasticman, Spooky and a lot more similar sounding producers. When I listened to beats from these producers I would just be thinking the whole time this is the type of sound I wanna make. Especially the darker & experimental sounding stuff.  

How would you describe your style?

It’s hard to describe however I would say synthetic sounding, I try to put that into my sound anyways. I experiment as much as possible, a result of this is it can at times sound odd, but I try to find a balance between hard and ignorant but also forward thinking. 

How did you come up with the name Rapture 4D and what does it mean?

The angel Gabriel appeared to me once in a dream and he foretold me the prophecies. He told me what needed to be done. 

What’s the Grime scene like in Scotland and how is it developing?

It’s getting there! It’s always sort of been here in terms of production putting itself on the map, and to be fair also MC wise, but only now are a lot of them starting to get some spotlight and its sick to watch. I know how sick they are and once the accent barrier is overcome its only a matter of time before the scene up here becomes something even more special. 

What is the best DJ set you’ve ever played and where was it?

The best set I ever played was at Subclub alongside Wiley & Scratchy, was extremely crazy to be DJing for the godfather of our scene and hearing him feel my beats. Even thinking about it makes me feel very very grateful. 

Which MC would you like to collaborate with next?

Mez from Nottingham, purely for his ballistic energy and lyrical ability to shock. The guys very mad and I would say is a legend in the making.  

Tell us a bit about your label Plasma Abuse?

The label was started by myself and Polonis back at the start of 2017. We wanted to have a label where we could release and showcase music we liked and wanted to push. You can find all our releases on Spotify / Apple Music / all good music vendors and here on our Bandcamp page.  

How was it winning Beat Boss finally, and will you be defending your crown at the next event?

It was mad, really exciting to even have taken part and to win was just a movie, to be honest. And yeah most definitely.

What other Scottish producers should we look out for?

At the moment definitely Polonis, Gallus One, Creep Woland, Harvskyz & Casement in terms of Grime stuff. In regards to more broad spanning stuff I'd keep an eye out on Proc Fiscal, Usurp & Cleaverhype. 

Which MCs from England have you worked with and who would you like to collaborate with next?

Some MCs I've worked with from England are Merky Ace, Grim Sickers, Mez, Flirta D, ETS, Kozzie, MIK, Shxdow, and much more than that in the past. Some I’d love to collaborate with again and for the first time are D Double E, Mayhem NODB, JME, Devilman, Mr.Traumatik & Wiley.

If you could work with any artist alive or dead, who would it be?

JME's has always been my top MC especially from his BBK Mixtape days /History compilation album. 

What is your golden rule for producing and DJing?

Quality over quantity. And hunner's a bass.  

What is the best venue you've ever played at?

SWG3 in Glasgow.

What is your favourite Festival you've ever played?

Probably NASS festival in 2016 alongside my LVLZ man. Was just a mad weekend session and also got to shell down and show what Scottish grime is all about. Looking forward to playing there again this year! 

What is your favourite grime instrumental of all time?

Spooky - Spartan RIP.

What is your favourite Grime LP?

JME - History. In terms of MC grime anyways. In regards to instrumental grime, probably Plastician's remaster of his Plasticman stuff. I always loved the darker dubsteppy stuff and its compiled very well. 

Favourite non-grime LP?

Yung Gud - Beautiful, Wonderful LP. I love the experimentation and UK influence some 'Cloud/Wave' producers are able to bring into other genres, and Gud executes this perfectly in this LP. 

If you could fill a swimming pool with anything what would it be?

Liquid dubplate!

Any shout outs and things we should look out for?

Shout out to my mum, my dad and my dog Thai. Also look out for all things Plasma!

Where can we hear a live Rapture 4D DJ set this summer?

Nass Festival 2017 // Boiler Room late July somewhere in LDN & hopefully much more if the bookings come in!


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