Taken way too soon, RIP Dominator

Drum and Bass | Friday 23rd June 2017 | Arren

A jump up icon was lost in the drum & bass world, with the sudden passing of jump up don, Dominator on June 8th.

The Suffolk-based producer had announced that he was diagnosed with cancer just 5 days before it took his life, taking a much-loved member of the scene.

He was one of the fastest rising stars in the world of jump up. He captured the attention of many with his style that was every bit as futuristic as it was nostalgic of the history. Brought into the fray back in 2011, by none other than Grooverider, it didn't take long him before he was on top form. His production mastery saw him release on Low Down Deep, Biological Beats and more - before launching his own D-Stortion last year.

He had the support from many of d&b's top artists and was earmarked as a future legend in the game. His death came far too soon and has hit the jump up community hard. Once news broke many DJ's; including Grooverider, Heist & Turno, paid their respects to their peer, mentor and friend. RIP Dominator.