How to improve your speech using only your smart phone!

Other | Wednesday 7th June 2017 | Idrees

Do you have issues speaking in public? Well, Orai has got you sorted!

Public speaking can be a daunting task. Whether it is a presentation in front of a class, or even going as far as addressing the masses, public speaking is difficult. The problem affects roughly 74% of people.

So, it’s safe to say that public speaking isn’t for everyone. But, what if I told you that there was a way for you improve your public speaking? And all you need is your smart phone.

Enter Orai. Created by engineering students at Drexel University, Orai allows users to monitor their word choices using records of their speech. Orai will take these recordings and use machine learning to give feedback relating to filler words, pacing, word clarity and even vocal energy.

Co-founders Danish Dhamani and Paritosh Gupta created the idea after moving from US from Tanzania and India respectively. With English not being their first language, they set out to attend public speaking clubs for help but saw that it was not for everyone. Even stating “there had to be a better way”, to Fast Company.

The app has been proven to be for everyone, as they have machine learning used to interpret a range of accents. So, both native and non-native English speakers are able to utilise the app. This is really useful for those who wish to master the English dialect.

Another aspect of the app which is really effective is the range of speaking exercises. Orai provides a variety of exercises which can prove useful to many users. You have the standard tongue-twisters which are taught in most public speaking classes which can be useful.

The app also provides routines which encourages users to not use the word “um” as much as they can. This will help eradicate any unnecessary filler words.

All these exercises help to provide different areas of speech that users may struggle with. So, in other words, there’s something in here for everyone. This is really helpful since users won’t have to deal with features which are unnecessary to them.

And despite being in early stages, the results are quite promising. Whilst being released for roughly a month on the Apple App store, the app has been downloaded more than 1,000 times.

So, thanks to Orai, it seems we may not have to picture everyone naked if you’re nervous about public speaking.