Europe's alt right raises £50k to stop rescue missions in the Med

Other | Tuesday 6th June 2017 | Annalisa

Europe's alt right movement have raised over £50,000 to fund a campaign across the Mediterranean Sea this summer, with the aim of disrupting NGO rescue missions from saving refugees who fall into trouble on the crossing. 
Last month, the group, members of the anti-Islam and anti-immigrant “Identitarian” movement, successfully intercepted a rescue mission, claiming they had slowed the NGO ship until the Italian coast guard intervened. They are using similar direct action tactics to those used by Greenpeace.

Just this year, 1,650 have died making the crossing, roughly two-thirds of the global total. Around half of the people making the crossing are women and children.

Obstructing the rescue boats will not discourage people from making the journey but only put more in danger of dying. So what does this say about the people who are looking to stall these rescued ships?
If only African's had these guys when Europeans came to enslave them and use them for their slave labour, to fund an industrial revolution both in the US and the UK. Which in turn began a continuous cycle of polluting our planet, which has now tipped so much Co2 into our atmosphere that climate change is starting to have a massive impact on the Earth which could kill us all if warming gets above a point that we can control.

But this isn't just bonkers, what's going down here, is really evil. Here are some comments from 4 chan where users are talking about the campaign.