Trump kills millions of black & brown people

Other | Thursday 1st June 2017 | Annalisa

Trump pulls out of the 'Paris Climate Change' agreement.

This decision gives oil and energy free reign to rip up the world and to pollute to their heart's content while putting us over the tipping point of the 2 degrees Celsius warning.

If you think immigration is bad now, just wait until you see people fleeing from the Southern hemisphere because of extreme weather temperatures, as they make their way to the parts of the northern hemisphere that are not under water.

Ultimately it's always black and brown people who suffer the most. This map claims to show which countries would be most vulnerable in the event of the effects of climate change reaching life-threatening levels - if they already haven't.

This will be a fatal decision for many. 

Countries most vulnerable to the effects of climate change


The Paris Agreement was reached in 2015 after tireless rounds of international summits with 195 countries. At the time of the agreement, it was hailed as a "historic first step on the road to tackling climate change." This important 'climate agreement' was a key part of Obama's legacy as President.

However, as upsetting as this might be for Obama and his administration, Trumps decision to not counter the "threat of climate change" now will cause inevitable and irreversible damage to the planet that we all share and live in.