RIP the Legend, Marcus Intalex

Drum and Bass | Sunday 28th May 2017 | Osh

Recently we all heard the sad news of the passing of Marcus Kaye, otherwise known as the producer we know and love as Marcus Intalex. While we have no details yet on what happened, our thoughts are with his friends, family and all the Soul:R team. 

It's not often a producer comes around with as much talent as Marcus Intalex. His signature rolling, liquid groove has been the basis of a series of bangers over the years.

He has literally changed lives. We know this because he made ours. 

And it's not just been through production that he has made a massive impact on drum and bass. He was a pioneer for the genre in the north of the country, putting on parties in Manchester in the early days where no-one else would.

The outpouring of grief online and the sentiment is a testament to Marcus's wonderful personality and serious talent.

Fabio: "I remember being in Leeds once and he was saying he had enough of dnb. He was just about to leave and I said: 'Don't go yet! I have a tune to play you.' It was Mystic by Calibre. I saw him walking out the door. He did a u-turn and went 'WTF is this!?' He sent me a tune on the Monday after. It was 'How you make me feel.' The rest is history."

Clayton, Renegade Hardware: "Sitting here in shock and in tears at the news of Marcus Intalex passing. It was only a few hours ago I posted a remix he did for us which was a game changer. He was my favourite DJ and in the top 3 producer-wise. My thoughts go out to his family."

Here are a few of our favourite tunes from the man himself. With a fitting tribute at the bottom.

'How You Make Me Feel'

A speed, swerve classic. Nobody has ever done a normal dance to this tune. You have to bruk wile.

'Un-Cut' - Midnight (Marcus Intalex & ST Files)

There's vocal drum and bass and then there's vocal drum and bass. This is the latter.

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - 'Universe'

Another one of those next level tunes that brings the vibe of the party to a place that only DJ's with this track can get to.

Da Intalex - 'I Like It' (Remix)

It's been a long time that Marcus Intalex has been setting the bar and for those that remember this track turned places like Voodoo Magic at The Equinox in Leicester Square upside down!

Marcus Intalex - 'Temperance'

This tune rocks dance floors in a masterful way; a spiritual tune that allows you to lose yourself in music.

Da Intalex - 'What Ya Gonna Do'

If we go back even further we remember songs that made parties like, Thunder and Joy, at the height of the Jungle scene pop off like nothing ever before. Marcus still on top.

Trevino - 'Eclipse'

Marcus was not just one of the most musical drum and bass producers in the world, he has been maknig serious waves in house and techno since 2011 under the moniker, Trevino. His heavy productions have been picked up by Aus Music, Klockworks and more.

A huge tribute to Marcus on Rinse FM