Take a wild train trip to Benelux!

Other | Wednesday 10th May 2017 | Ben

The Benelux Interrail pass offers you easy train travel between some great cities and beautiful countryside!

You can travel anywhere from 3 to 8 days within a 1 month period for prices varying between 90 to 181 Euros depending on the pass you decide on. On the days you do travel you can take as many trains as you like!

Within that time, some pretty cool spots such as The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Bruges and Luxembourg City can be reached. 

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If you’re under 28 make the most of it while you can as once you’re considered an ‘adult’ the price does go up, but even then still not considerably. Furthermore, it is drastically cheaper for EU citizens so who knows what will happen when the UK leaves!

You can also use your pass to get there and back using two different routes. Get the Stena ferry (day or overnight) out to the Hook of Holland from Harwich on the Essex coast and then from there take the train to the Dutch party capital, Amsterdam.

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If cycling is your thing, it’s a very doable 80 miles between London and Harwich and then you have your bike for the rest of the trip.

As an amazing new feature, the Benelux pass can now be used on the Eurostar between London and Brussels too so why not use that for the way back but make sure you book a spot for your bike first!