Liquicity are back this summer with their biggest festival yet!

Drum and Bass | Thursday 27th April 2017 | Arren

Liquicity announces their 2017 festival line up, and chuck in an extra day.

Over the years the Dutch drum & bass brand, Liquicity has developed and grown into one of the world's biggest d&b entities. One massive part of what they do is their annual festival that has secured itself a solid reputation with bass heads across Europe.

The event, in the usually quiet Dutch countryside, bills a top selection of artists every year - marking them off as one of the biggest and most respectable drum & bass festivals going.

The festival is taking things to a whole new level as they've extended the event with another day, and will be supplying one of the biggest drum & bass line ups you'll come across anywhere this year. A diverse array of artists will head over to the festival across the two days, where you can expect sets from Sub Focus, Alix Perez, Logisitcs, DJ Marky and so many more.

Check the full line up below, for tickets and full details on Liquicity 2017 head to their website.

Line Up

Sub Focus (DJ Set)
High Contrast | DJ Marky | Maduk | Dimension
Alix Perez | Brookes Brothers | Feint | Fox Stevenson
Hybrid Minds | Lenzman | Logistics | LSB | Mind Vortex | Murdock
Nymfo | Technimatic | The Vanguard Project
1991 | Bensley | Champion | Dan Dakota | Dave Owen | Dualistic
Flite | Fliwo | GLXY | Hugh Hardie | Macca & Loz Contreras
Malaky | Memro | Monrroe | Muzzy | NCT | Phaction
Pola & Bryson | Rameses B | Satl | T & Sugah | Utah Jazz | Whiney
Actraiser | Arch Origin | Edlan | Low5 | Nexus & Tight
Sektor & Subsequent | Vandera | Zazu

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