Maya Jama set to rock Fresh Island festival!

Other | Tuesday 25th April 2017 | Patience

Moving from Bristol to London, to pursue her dreams at the age of 16, with little to no money, Maya Jama is no wimp. Working her 'batty off' for a couple of years, there were many times Jama thought of giving up. But thankfully she didn't.

Cause all the grafting has paid off, now hosting shows on 4Music, Rinse FM, VEVO, and COPA 90, Jama gives us the low down on her latest hosting gig, the Fresh Island Festival.

How did you get into presenting?

It was always the goal, I loved entertainment and performing and when I found a job that I could just be myself in, it was perfect. I got into it by doing stupid videos on YouTube!

So how would you describe yourself?

Energetic, smiley, and positive.

You are hosting the Fresh Island festival again this year, what are you looking forward to the most?

I’m most looking forward to seeing Young Thug live as I’ve remixed one of his songs!

At this years festival which performer should we keep an out for?

Giggs for sure!

What have been your hosting highlights at the Fresh Island festival so far?

I love that it’s constantly a party vibe, all the artists have been amazing to interview, and it's been great to see the audience expand over the years and I feel like this year will be bigger and better than ever!

Tell me about your recent TV show 'Release the Hounds?'  

Basically I got chased in a forest by dogs for charity- it was bloody scary!

You started your career at the age of 16, you have worked at MTV, SKY and you now work at Rinse FM & 4Music, so how does it feel to be in charge of your own destiny?

It's great, I love what I do and a lot of the time it doesn’t even feel like a job. I would encourage everyone to chase their dreams from as young as possible.

 You've had so many career highlights but which one stands out the most?

Going to Brazil for 2 months with Copa 90, covering the World Cup was a life changing experience and my first proper paid abroad job, and it felt like a party!

What is the worst job you have ever had?

I used to wash dishes when I was about 15 for a caf!

What are you most in love with right now?

White wine in the sun with friends.

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Make it illegal to have stigmas, so you can’t judge anyone and everything is accepted.

What would you fill a swimming pool with if it could be anything?

Money - why not?

You have achieved so much already, what are the next plans?

World domination!