Posij goes hard with his latest d&b playlist

Drum and Bass | Monday 17th April 2017 | Arren

Posij's grabbing our attention for all the right reasons.

Dutch bass music maker, Posij shares some of the tracks in his playlist right now. It's a twisted selection of big beats and bold basslines, though that was exactly what we should have expected!

Hailing from Groningen, Holland - Posij has made a big splash in the bass music pool. He can already boast remixing Noisia on Mau5trap, getting his tracks released through their Division imprint and appearances on compilations from Hospital, Shogun & Critical, to name a few!

This April the Dutchman will be adding a release on Neosignal to his already brimming list of achievements. He joined them on April 28th with the release of the huge Attention EP. He delivered 4 tracks that have his trademark sound, squelchy bass and hard hitting drums.

Whether on the half time flex, or the usual d&b break - Posij has sorted another set of records that are primed to cause some damage. He's decided to share with us some of the tracks in his playlists right now, this one's full of certified bangers!

Baauer x CZ - ‘How Can You Tell When It’s Done?’

"I absolutely love the energy and bounce this track has. It’s the kind of track I wish I had produced myself"

'Kiril - Bring The Bass'

"This track is at 160 BPM and I’ve been loving this range of BPM lately. In my DJ sets I have a whole 10-15 minutes of 160 BPM now, which is basically built around this track."

'LeStR - Closure'

"Love the sound of this tune, great mixdown and awesome dynamics."

'Xtrah - Babylon Shall Fall'

"Xxxxxxxxtraaaaaaaaah! The breakdown with just the bassline before the drop is so frickin’ epic, then the acoustic and old skool sounding drums kick in… banger."

'K-aze - Warrior Groove'

"More 160 BPM goodness, this tune inspired me a lot. The tune ‘Ecstatic’ from my newest EP for Neodigital has a lot of similarities to this one."

'Dimension - UK'

"Who couldn’t like this? It feels so fresh yet old skool to me, incredible! And everyone enjoys saying (shouting) the words “Oh my goshhh” when they hit."

'Noisia - Tentacles (Ivy Lab Remix)'

"A great original given a great remix treatment by the great guys from Ivy Lab. They never disappoint me and this remix is great."

'Amon Tobin - In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix)'

"This track is so magical, I can never skip a second when I listen to it – it’s enchanting."

Champagne Drip - 'Oni'

"More 160 BMP music, this track hits so hard. The intro makes it a lot of fun to mix into your set, eventually having it slice through with such a harsh kick snare bassline combo. It’s grrrrrrrrrrreat."

Sofie Letitre - 'Stranger (Former Remix)'

"Every artist on here is going to get married to me. They know. Also, the song is really nice."

Posij releases the Attention EP on Neosignal on April 28th, pre-order from the Neosignal site.

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